Consider these when starting a dog walking business

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There are a lot of advantages to starting your own business. Working on your own schedule, working with passion, financial independence and being your own boss to mention a few. For example a friend of mine started an Eastern Suburbs dog walking business in Sydney. The pet care industry is booming and this has led to a great success for the owner of this dog walking company.

But for those who think getting started and following in these footsteps will be a walk in the park (pun). Think again. As you will soon learn, starting a business is not always easy.

A dog walking business requires people who take it seriously and understand that more goes into it that a business plan and registering. The biggest misconception is that a dog walker’s job is to play with dogs all day. As many professionals in the industry will tell you, you need to take it seriously if you want to succeed in the business. But apart from just playing with dogs what other important factors go into selecting this as a viable career choice and profitable business venture?

  1. You must love dogs and be good with them

They say ‘Find what you love doing and you will never have to work a day in your life’ and this could not echo truer. When it comes to working with dogs you really have to be dedicated to the care of these wonderful animals and be willing to read and learn every day.

  1. You must be passionate about dogs

In many cases, dog owners view their dogs as family members and treat them better than humans. If you are being paid and left in charge of their dogs, they expect nothing short of that from you. You need to make sure you can deliver the same if not better care for the pets.

  1. Do not focus too much on the numbers

Yes, you have bills that need to be paid and yes, you need to have many clients to do so but you don’t start with many dogs. Your focus should be on landing your first client and providing the best possible service you can so they, in turn, give you positive reviews and recommend you to their other dog loving friends. Some communities are tight-knit like that and positive word of mouth is enough to grow your business in record time. When it comes to business all you need to do is provide a valuable service and the money will come.

  1. Market yourself properly

After satisfying one good client and you are confident that you can handle more do find great ways to market yourself. Engage your audience on social media as dog-walking is a client-based service and you can definitely leverage your relations on there.

  1. Craft your service accordingly

Visit a local pet shelter or dog groomer and understand who your market is and what they are looking for. Scope out the local competition and take notes on what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong and gaps you can take advantage of. Build your service and competitive edge from the market you aim to provide service to.