When Do You Need to Contact Your Local Windscreen Repairer?

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Most people own a car these days and unfortunately most have had a scratch, crack or nick on your windscreen. The windscreen is the most fragile part of a car exterior and as such any pressure or accident may require you needing a windscreen repair or windscreen replacement.

Generally, windscreen repair requires injecting a curable resin into the outer layer of a damaged windscreen for the purpose of restoring the windscreen. There is the dilemma of deciding what to do if your car windscreen experiences some form of damage or roadside hazard and that is do you repair or replace?

To answer the question above, all you need to do is check the following:

Access the damage

Cracks can be repaired, that is good news, right? Not exactly, because not all cracks or windscreen damage can. There is some limitation to windscreen repair. It is therefore important to access the damage, be familiar with the limitations of repair that is obtainable in your state


This is very vital in determining if your windscreen can be repaired or not. If the damage is just a slight crack or medium length then, that is fine, go ahead and send it in for repairs. If you are unfortunate to have a crack that covers the length of your windscreen, from one end to the other, then a replacement is inevitable.


Bull’s eye: This break is shaped like a cone and is similar to a bull’s eye like that of a dart game. The damage is usually on the exterior of the windscreen.

Half moon: This is also a cone-shaped break, characterized by a semi-circle around the impact point.

Star: This type of break, has cracks or rays radiating from the impact point to form a star

Combination: This combines two or more of the type of Windscreen breaks

Others type of windscreen breaks are the Starburst, Angel wings, Crack and Line break

Area of Damage to Windscreen

The location of the damage can also affect the decision to undertake a windscreen repair or a windscreen replacement. If the point of damage is at the edge, then it requires more care and precision to prevent collapse or further damage because of the higher design stresses at the edges. Also, there is the acute area, which is the part of the windscreen that is directly in the line of sight of the vehicle driver. Utmost perfection is needed when carrying out a windscreen repair in the acute area to prevent any form of distraction for the driver.

Expert’s Advice

There are many do it yourself gizmos in the market and this is great and help save cost. When it comes to Windscreen repair, however, it is recommended to get an expert to take a look at it, advice and repair. A qualified windscreen repair technician is trained, knowledgeable and armed with the right tools to ensure a perfect windscreen repair that will last for years and look almost good as new.